Membership & Fees

There are so many great reasons to join the Y, including:

Get 3 YMCAs For The Price Of 1

At the Y, you immediately become a member of all three of our facilities...and you have full use of regional YMCA facilities in Bedford, Franklin County, and Smith Mountain Lake.

No Contracts

At the Y, there are no contracts.  If you need to cancel, just give us 30 days written notice.

Financial Assistance

At the Y, we want to give everyone the opportunity to live healthier in spirit, mind and body. That’s why we offer financial help to qualified members through the Everyone Deserves a Y program.

Use Ys Across The Country

Your membership also enrolls you in the YMCA's A.W.A.Y. program, meaning you are Always Welcome At YMCAs! Present your member ID card at YMCAs outside our association while traveling to reap the rewards. If you are planning a trip, we'll gladly call ahead to confirm guest policies in that area.

Amenities To Keep You Healthy In Spirit, Mind and Body

We know that being healthy is more than just staying fit; that’s why we offer programs that don’t just improve physical health, they help unleash a new outlook on life.  Our youth programs aren’t just child care; they’re an opportunity to develop our future leaders.  We don’t just bring families together, we help them stay together. 







Household* (Seniors, 70+)






Individual (Seniors, 70+)



Teen (13-19 yrs.)



Child (0-12 yrs.)



YMCA Express at Gainsboro

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* The YMCA of Roanoke Vally defines a HOUSEHOLD MEMBERSHIP as two adults and any dependents 19 years and younger living in the same household. Ages 20-23 can remain on the membership for no additional charge if enrolled fulltime at a college or university. A third or fourth adult can be added to the membership for an additional $25 per month. 

Want to join?

Come on in and talk with our Welcome Center staff at the Y nearest you.  We’ll give you a tour and explain the programs and services that are right for you.

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