Y Inspired-Good Medicine

JoAnne Lofaro, a member at the Kirk Family YMCA, has come a long way to get to where she is today. She was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, on blood pressure medication, and had trouble with joint pain. A few years ago, she had to have extensive reconstructive knee surgery. After healing and rehabilitating, she went for a follow up, only to have her physician tell her that she would need additional surgery, only this time on the other knee.

“This is baloney!” Lofaro exclaimed. Politely declining her doctor’s advice, she took matters into her own hands, saying “I just need to lose some weight.” Lofaro started with Weight Watchers to learn healthier eating habits and was determined to stick with the program. Her new healthier diet was a great start, but her doctor encouraged her to take water aerobics at the Y. “It will be easier on your joints, and it is a great way to stay active,” her physician said. She started coming to the Y three times a week and eventually lost 22 pounds. “Coming to the Y was magical,” Lofaro said.

After losing weight, a healthy ripple effect began to take place. With careful monitoring from her doctor she eventually was taken off her blood pressure medication, her A1C levels had dropped, and she was no longer considered pre-diabetic. Not only did her health dramatically improve, but her overall quality of life soared.  Our staff at the Y was thrilled to be part of this amazing transition.  Our hats are off to you JoAnne!  Tell us how the Y has impacted your life and we’ll send you a Y shirt.