Youth Programs


Youth Development

The YMCA Express at Gainsboro Teen Leaders Club works with middle and high school students to focus on developing positive life skills and leadership qualities by connecting the club to community service projects with local non-profit organizations.  In addition to volunteering, the Club conducts exercises in democratic decision-making, assessing and understanding community needs, understanding cultural diversity and team building projects.  The Club meets weekly during the school year. The YMCA Express at Gainsboro serves 15 teens in the club and continues to grow.

Teen Leaders Club meets Tuesday at YMCA Express at Gainsboro.
For more information contact Bobbie Wolfe at 344-9622.



Lucy Addison Middle School

The YMCA created a partnership in conjunction with Lucy Addison Middle School in 2014. This collaboration originated because of the lack of resources Lucy Addison Middle school had to provide to their students. The middle school PE teacher approached the YMCA asking if we would partner. The YMCA then decided to run an in-kind 12 week pilot program to impact the wellness needs of these middle school students. With this program we are able to serve an average of 180 students each week. We work directly with all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who are enrolled in PE. They participate in a variety of activities including; mini boot camps, group exercise classes, orientations, and are able to utilize the cardio and strength equipment.

We are able to serve over 200 at-risk youth in various health and wellness programs throughout the community and in our own Y building. 



Community Garden

Our community garden provides the opportunity to teach healthy living to at-risk youth over the summer months.  The project provided the hand's-on labor of love and fresh produce and herbs were shared within the community.  But the growning season doesn't end there and a  fall crop was planted also.